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CLE Presentation – The Gauntlet: Early Challenges to Class Certification

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 Earlier today, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the CLE International Class Action conference in Los Angeles with an old friend of mine, plaintiff’s lawyer Garrett Wotkyns of Schneider Wallace.   The topic was The Gauntlet: Early Challenges to Class Certification, which regular readers will know is a topic near and dear to my heart.  (Cue joke about defense lawyers’ hearts.)

The slides, which contain only a few in-jokes and as many obscure Clint Eastwood references as we could cram in, are available for download here.  

Many thanks to the nice folks at CLE International for inviting me to talk.  I had a lot of fun.


UPDATE – Broken link is fixed.  My apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Fred Burnside

    I believe it is gantlet, not gauntlet. The former is a challenging ordeal, the latter is a glove.

  • Andrew Trask

    As it turns out, the latter is also a Clint Eastwood film about a challenging ordeal, which made for a fun metaphor to use in the presentation.