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The Chamber of Commerce’s Class Action Christmas List

Posted in Scholarship

 We’re in the middle of the holiday season, and that means that folks are making (or, for those who celebrate Hannukkah, checking off) their wish lists. This October, the Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform compiled one of their own in their report A Roadmap for Reform: Lessons from Eight Years of the Class Action… Continue Reading

How to Get an Appellate Court’s Attention – The Amgen Certiorari Petition

Posted in Certification

 As most of you following class action-related news know by now, the Supreme Court has granted certiorari to review another class action decision: the Ninth Circuit’s recent opinion in Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Funds v. Amgen, Inc.  (Hat tip to Paul Karlsgodt of the reliably great ClassActionBlawg for getting the scoop.) As usual, SCOTUSblog has all of… Continue Reading

Rhetoric – Oddball Cases and Slaughtered Hogs

Posted in Strategy

 At the DePaul symposium a few weeks back, Professor Suja Thomas argued that the Supreme Court should not take on "oddball" cases, because the outlying facts make for decisions that are too sweeping. (She’s made this argument before about Iqbal and Twombly, so you don’t have to wait for the DePaul Law Review’s Symposium Issue to get… Continue Reading

Classic Cases – Newton v. Merrill Lynch

Posted in Certification

 In the 1990s, a group of attorneys sued a number of securities broker-dealers nationwide. They alleged that the broker-dealers had executed a number of securities orders at the "National Best Bid and Offer" (NBBO) price–which would provide a customer with the lowest available ask or the highest available bid for a security–an industry-wide practice at… Continue Reading