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What Counts as “Making Copies” – Costs under Johnson v. Allstate Insurance Co.

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In 2007, four customers of Allstate Insurance Company sued it, alleging that it used outdated scoring algorithms to calculate their premiums, in violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act.  They were later joined by another 19 named plaintiffs. Three years later, in 2010, the judge in the case denied certification and dismissed twelve of the… Continue Reading

E-Discovery Sanctions by the Numbers

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E-discovery: a term that has evolved from an interesting sidenote to something that can strike fear into the hearts of the most hardened defense lawyers. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog covered this issue a few weeks ago, pointing to a recent study by several King & Spalding lawyers published in the Duke Law Journal: Sanctions for… Continue Reading

Fighting Fishing Expeditions, Part II: The Prima Facie Objection

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Since I first wrote about fighting fishing expeditions, Google has sent a number of readers to the blog looking for “fishing expeditions discovery” or “deny class certification discovery abuse.” (It also sent one reader looking for “botulism,” which I’m proud to say is not available here.) Clearly, fighting fishing expeditions in class actions is an… Continue Reading