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Class Action Countermeasures Discussions of the Strategic Considerations Involved In Class Action Defense

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Expert Testimony and the Reasonable Consumer

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Cosmetics giant Maybelline markets Superstay 24 lipstick, which is supposed to be more comfortable, withstand heat and humidity, and go 24 hours without needing a transfer. Some customers decided that, despite the advertising, the lipstick did not last a full 24 hours without transfer; so they sued Maybelline claiming that it had violated various California… Continue Reading

Predominance & Rigorous Analysis – Parko v. Shell Oil Co.

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 Judge Richard Posner has always been an independent thinker, something he has proven in the last year as, despite his economically conservative credentials (which would lead one to presume a possible defense bias), he authored a number of arguably pro-plaintiff class certification opinions, particularly his twin opinions in the controversial case Butler v. Sears Roebuck… Continue Reading

Variations in Damages & Settlement Classes – Richardson v. L’Oreal USA, Inc.

Posted in Settlement

 In the wake of Comcast Corp. v. Behrend, a number of different courts have weighed in on the question of whether variations in damages should preclude certification of a litigation class. Last month, however, the District of the District of Columbia issued an opinion which implied that variations in damages might preclude the certification of… Continue Reading

Overreaching, Underreaching, and the Supreme Court

Posted in Scholarship

 In the past few years, Professor Mark Moller of DePaul University Law School has proven to be one of the most thoughtful critics of modern class action law in the legal academy. While most commentators take on class action decisions from either a pro-plaintiff or pro-defendant standpoint, Professor Moller appears intent on evaluating these opinions according… Continue Reading

The Importance of Documenting Alleged Fraud – Wiedenbeck v. Cinergy Health, Inc

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 After watching an infomercial, Harry Wiedenbeck bought a "comprehensive" medical health insurance plan for himself and his wife. When the insurer subsequently denied a claim based on his wife’s hospitalization, Mr. Wiedenbeck filed a class action alleging fraud and bad faith on behalf of all Wisconsin residents who had bought the plan. The subsequent case,… Continue Reading

Predominance and the Privacy Class Action – In re Hannaford Bros

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 In late 2007 and early 2008, the Hannaford Brothers Grocery stores suffered a security breach: thieves stole the debit and credit card data of thousands of customers. As one might imagine, a number of lawsuits followed, including a number that were consolidated into litigation in the District of Maine. After extensive pretrial litigation in various courts, the trial court… Continue Reading