It’s been a busy April ‘round these parts, even if there haven’t been many posts going up. So I thought I would let everyone in on a few of the things that have been going on:

HR 1927. Earlier this month, Congressman Bob Goodlatte proposed HR 1927, a bill to cut down on the kind of overbroad “no-injury” class actions that seek to turn idiosyncratic product defects into full-blown federal cases. There’s been a heavy push against the bill, mostly based on the mistaken belief that it would prohibit Rule 23(b)(2) class actions completely, and, of course, the old canard about how this time, we’re looking at the death of the class action. I testified in support of the bill yesterday. You can find my testimony (as well as that of John Beisner, Mark Behrens, and Professor Alexandra Lahav) here.  And you can see Perry Cooper’s live-tweeting of the testimony on her Twitter feed.

Entity theory article. I was fortunate to be invited by the University of Akron Law Review to participate in their upcoming symposium on the Roberts Court and the class action. So I’ve been finalizing the edits for that. You can find a draft version at SSRN here.

Other writing projects. I’ve been finalizing the details for another fairly substantial writing project, which I’ll be working on with Professor Mark Moller of DePaul University Law School. I can’t really talk too much about this one yet, but I’m very excited about it. It should be out sometime next year, and should generate some interesting material for this blog in the interim.

Regular posting should resume next week.