Photo of Courtney C. Shytle

Courtney Shytle is an accomplished trial lawyer with more than two decades of experience representing defendants in class action, complex business, and product liability litigation. Her experience includes guiding publicly-traded and private companies in the consumer products, energy, and retail sectors through complex civil litigation, including class actions, multi-state pattern litigation, business and contract disputes, business torts, product liability, premises liability, toxic torts, and internal investigations in state and federal court.

For far too long, companies facing consumer and product liability litigation have relied solely on personal jurisdiction doctrine to try avoiding unfavorable forums applying unfavorable law. Personal jurisdiction doctrine, though useful, is ultimately a tool that produces inconsistent results.

Instead, companies facing consumer and product liability litigation should turn to another, well-developed body of law that may more consistently establish the procedural boundaries of any potential litigation: the law of contract. Courts have recognized that plaintiffs and defendants can pre-suit contract to terms governing any future tort litigation, including the place of suit, the law that applies, whether arbitration is necessary, and whether class actions are permitted.

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