defendant class action

As you may know, most bloggers have some kind of service that provides a statistical analysis of their site. In addition to telling us how many of you visit, and what you read, and whether you come back, these services also tell us what searches bring (some of) you here. And, over the last year and change, there are certain searches that have recurred enough that I consider them "frequently asked questions." Here are four, with brief answers:

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 Defendant class actions are rare beasts. Rule 23 clearly authorizes them, but plaintiffs rarely file them, and defense counsel rarely encounter them. (I’ve only seen one or two in the wild myself.)

An article by law professor Francis X. Shen that appeared in the Denver University Law Review, The Overlooked Utility of the Defendant Class Action, notes that only about 177 class actions have ever been reported. Professor Shen argues that this comparative rarity doesn’t reflect a difficulty in using the device so much as it does a misunderstanding of its usefulness.

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