A group of Florida landowners sued Raytheon Company, accusing it of contaminating their groundwater by improperly disposing of hazardous waste. The plaintiffs put up an expert who testified that he could construct a statistical model that would demonstrate liability and damages on a classwide basis.  Raytheon put up its own experts, who argued that plaintiffs’

 Since it’s the end of the year, it’s worth taking a look back at what were the most significant class-action decisions of 2010. What do I mean by significant? A significant case does not have to be well-reasoned, or pro-defense, just one that will have an effect on class-action practice. Some of these are not

Many apologies for providing you all with just a linkdump for my Tuesday entry, but I’m lying in bed with a triple-digit fever.  Still, there are certainly other legal blogs that do a thoughtful job of covering class-action issues, and I’m lucky that several of them have great entries right now.

  • Justice Scalia has stayed