I’ve written before about the strange turns class-action strategy can take when public relations becomes a factor. But a PR campaign can also be a very effective defensive tool under certain circumstances. How effective? Just ask the folks at Taco Bell.

To recap the Taco Bell class action story: the plaintiffs, represented by class-action firms

 For the most part, this blog has focused on tactics that defendants may use to oppose class certification. But another important part of class action defense is being alert to new trends in class-action practice. And, in the last few years, a new type of class action has arisen that is worth looking at more

What is grand strategy? It’s a term that’s usually thrown around in military, security, and foreign policy circles. As the military historian Liddell Hart defined it in his classic book Strategy:

[T]he role of grand strategy – higher strategy – is to co-ordinate and direct all the resources of a nation, or band