Many apologies for providing you all with just a linkdump for my Tuesday entry, but I’m lying in bed with a triple-digit fever.  Still, there are certainly other legal blogs that do a thoughtful job of covering class-action issues, and I’m lucky that several of them have great entries right now.

  • Justice Scalia has stayed a Louisiana state court ruling requiring tobacco companies to pay into a $241 million dollar "quit smoking" fund.  His reason: it’s "significantly possible" that the Court may overturn the decision on constitutional grounds.  Specifically: “the extent to which class treatment may constitutionally reduce the normal requirements
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One of the strongest justifications for class actions is that they address large social wrongs that would otherwise go unremedied. But can there be a wrong that is simply too large for a class action to handle it properly? Something truly huge, like apartheid or genocide.

Some plaintiffs’ lawyers, like Hausfeld LLP, say no. In fact, the Hausfeld firm has staked its business model on that view.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is probably yes. Some issues, like genocide or other large-scale human-rights violations, may simply be too complex to attack on a classwide basis in an American Continue Reading