This month, we have an abundance of "other strategists." At the beginning of the month, I attended the 5th Annual Conference on the Globalization of Class Actions at the Hague. The conference was extremely informative, even though it focused more on mass litigation than class actions specifically. Fellow blogger (and extremely nice guy in-person) Paul

 In welcome news for content-starved class-action bloggers, NERA Economic Consulting (source of the perennially popular report on Italian class actions) has released its annual report on trends in securities class actions.

The report contains some of its usual data, always interesting but mostly just confirming existing trends. Among those:

  • Overall, securities class-action filings

Many apologies for providing you all with just a linkdump for my Tuesday entry, but I’m lying in bed with a triple-digit fever.  Still, there are certainly other legal blogs that do a thoughtful job of covering class-action issues, and I’m lucky that several of them have great entries right now.

  • Justice Scalia has stayed