Skadden attorneys John Beisner, Jessica Miller, and Jordan M. Schwartz have drafted a white paper for the Institute for Legal Reform titled “Cy Pres: A Not So Charitable Contribution to Class Action Practice.”  Relying heavily on Martin Redish’s critique of cy pres recovery, they trace cy pres relief from its “pre-Christian” origins as a means of distributing estates to its most recent abuses. Their final recommendation is interesting, and fairly moderate:

in order to mitigate the legal and ethical concerns associated with cy pres awards, any application of the cy pres doctrine—even in the

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Judge Jack Weinstein is no stranger to class actions; he has decided a number of them over the years. And while no one can deny his inventiveness, he has at times drawn criticism for his predisposition for finding judicial solutions to widespread social problems. Judge Weinstein’s reputation is part of what makes the case of Ramirez v. Dollar Phone Corp so interesting.

The case itself deals with prepaid calling cards — which are most often used by low-income immigrants (because they can use the cards for international calls at relatively low rates).

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