"Hey man, I don’t practice law. I talk on the phone." — Richard Scruggs, on federal wiretap

This week, Class Action Countermeasures introduces another regular feature: book reviews. Once a month, I’ll be reviewing a book that has some relation to class action litigation. The primary purpose of the review will be to determine what class-action lawyers can learn that will assist them in formulating class-action defense strategies. (I’ve done this once or twice before.) First up is The Fall of the House of Zeus: The Rise and Ruin of America’s Most Powerful Trial Lawyer, by Curtis Wilkie.

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Back in July, I wrote about the treasure-trove of documents released when public-relations firm The Rendon Group was compelled to respond to a subpoena from Katrina-related litigation involving State Farm. This upcoming Friday, I’ll be participating in a WLF-sponsored webinar on public-relations tactics in class actions. To provide some background for my remarks, I thought I’d go into a little more depth on the story of how the Rendon documents came to be produced. (For the full case, see 2010 U.S. DIST. LEXIS 60138)

The "complicated story" (the court’s words) began when sisters Kerry and Cori Rigsby (both of … Continue Reading

I’ve written before that plaintiffs’ lawyers consider public relations to be an important weapon in their arsenal. But how, exactly, do they use it when they’re involved in a case?

Recently, a collection of emails between the former Scruggs Katrina Group (the firm former lawyers Richard and Zach Scruggs put together to prosecute class-action and qui tam claims related to Hurricane Katrina) and PR firm The Rendon Group were made public, providing an inside look at how the relationship can work. (For the story on why these emails were made public, see Rendon Group, Inc. v. Rigsby, 2010 U.S. … Continue Reading